Jewelry Care
The best way to keep your silver jewelry polished is to wear it regularly. The rubbing of your skin on the jewel will prevent tarnishing.

However, sometimes our favorite piece goes unworn for a few months and when you come back to it you notice it has changed color. Don't worry! All you need is a simple silver polishing cloth and you will bring it back to life in no time. Make sure to not rub on any intentionally blackened areas of your piece. 

 The best way to prevent tarnish on your silver is to keep each piece in it's own individual plastic baggie. However, I know this is not the most "aesthetic", so the next best thing is to keep it in a jewelry box where your jewelry does not rub up against each other, because thismost certainly causes scratches. I also recommend keeping your precious jewelry (gold and silver) seperate from your costume jewelry. Contact with other metals like brass, puter and nickel might cause tarnishing of your jewelry.

 Remember to take off your jewelry (especially your rings) when doing hands-on activities like carrying heavy things, dishwashing, hiking and working out.

Jewelry should always be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. That means, it should go on after you put on all of your perfumes or lotions. These all have chemicals in them that could react with metals and stones.

 Take off your jewelry when going swimming and showering.  
Return Policy
I do not accept returns or exchanges.

 Please make sure you read through my product descriptions and measurements, and are sure of your size and budget before ordering. I do not accept returns based on buyer's remorse or incorrect sizing. Please make sure you read through my ring sizing guide before ordering.

That being said, the most important thing to me is that you love and wear your jewellery, so if you do end up with a ring that does not fit, you can get in touch with me within 48 hours of receiving your package and I will do my best to help you on a case to case basis.

 If said ring is a Made to Order ring, I may be able to offer an exchange in a different size. This is under the condition it gets shipped with tracking and I receive it back in it's unworn condition and with all it's original packaging. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.

Keep in mind that many of my one of a kind rings cannot be resized or duplicated so you should take the time to get properly sized before ordering.

If you receive a damaged jewel, or you believe there has been a mistake on my end, please get in touch and I would be happy to help find a solution. 
Custom vs Bespoke
A bespoke piece involves designing something specific to the person and occasion at hand and creating a one of a kind and personalized jewel.

On the other hand, I think of customs as requesting some personalization on a piece you have already seen from me. For example: "I would love to get a Honey Drop ring made for me but instead of silver, I want white gold and I would love to have an emerald set instead of a garnet"

 In this case you can just send me an email or DM and I will get back to you with pricing.  
Packaging and Gift Wrapping
You will receive a nice package with your new jewel in a black box.

 If you are ordering a piece to send directly to somebody as a gift, I am happy to include a handwritten note (under 100 words) to make the package extra special. Please send me a note at check out
Repairs and Tune-Ups
If treated with respect and care, your jewelry will last a life time.

Once in a while your jewelry might be in the need for a professional polish or some TLC. I am happy to provide cleaning, polishing or re-finishing free of charge, as long as you cover postage.

 Even precious jewelry is not invincible and accidents do happen. Jewelry getting stepped on, sat on or run over happens more than you might think. If your jewelry had *ahem* an emergency, please get in touch and I will do my best to offer a repair for the piece, although pricing will really depend on the situation at hand. Keep in mind that repair jobs are often lenghtly and sometimes require entire parts of the piece to be completely remade. The price of the repair will reflect the time and materials needed to get it back to it's original state. 
Can you recycle my old jewelry?
If you have jewelry that do not wear, you might be wondering if you can melt it down and be made into something new.

I would love to use your unworn solid gold jewelry and turn it into a new jewel that you will love to wear! 

I do not recycle silver and it is usually not worth it to sell it to the metal bank . Unless you really have a lot of large pieces, the service of refining your metal will usually be more expensive than your metal is worth

I am open to re-using your gemstones for your bespoke piece, although I cannot 100% guarantee it until I see them in person. Cracked or unprofessionally cut gemstones will increase the chance of them breaking when being set. 
Processing Times
Made to Order
Please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to come to life and ship. If there are any delays in my production process I will let you know as soon as they arise. If you have an important deadline in mind, please get in touch before ordering and I will do my best to meet it...but don't wait til the last minute! Ready to ship
All other items in my shop are typically shipped within 3-5 business days after your order. 
I send all of my packages through UPS. You will receive a tracking number as soon as your package is on it's way. Packages tend to arrive within 2-5 days, although delays are to be expected during the holiday season. 
Customs & Import Taxes
You are responsible for any customs or importation taxes that might be added to your package depending on your country's policies. 

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