The Meaning of Vulva Jewelry

What does Vulva Jewelry symbolise and why do people wear it? 

While some women might be drawn immediately to the feminist power of wearing vulva jewelry, others might be asking themselves…WHY?

I have been creating Vulva and feminist jewels for five years, and they have been collected by women from many different walks of life. There are many different reasons that women feel a draw towards wearing Vulva Jewelry. Here are a few:

Zoe Zoe Jewelry's Sculptural Yoni Earrings, made with foldfoming and forging in sterling silver. They are large dangle earrings and are being displayed on a bright red flower
Sculptural Yoni Earrings  from the Femme Gems Collection

~To connect with Feminine Energy

Some women wear vulva jewelry as a way of connecting with their womanly selves. The vulva can be worn as a symbol of womanhood, feminine energy, fertility and creation.

Wearing jewelry with intention is a great way of keeping and uplifting your intentions
. This is why each of my Yoni Studs have been designed with a different feminine intention in mind, to keep close and remember.

Zoe Zoe Jewelry's Yoni Studs are an everyday feminist piece of jewelry to honor your divine feminine and feel your feminine power.
Yoni Studs
Each design has a different intention behind thm for you to embody while wearing.

~To break the Taboo

For millennia, what lays between a women’s legs has been considered taboo and best-kept-secret.

Sometimes, I ponder upon the fact that many women have never even seen their very own vulva!!! As a man, it’s easy, you just look down. But as a woman, you must take matters into your own hands, and take a look using a mirror. But even having the curiosity and taking the time to do such a thing would be ironically considered "unladylike" and unfortunately, even weird by many!

Wearing vulva jewelry is a way of bringing the female sex center out from the shadows and back into the norm. It is about reminding us of her beauty, and our right to celebrate her, see her, get to know her, and love her too!

Sculptural Yoni Earrings from the Femme Gems Collection


~Symbol of Sexual Liberation

For some women, wearing Vulva Jewelry is a symbol of female sexual pride, love and liberation.

Female sexuality has gone essentially unconsidered throughout history, and wearing vulva jewelry could symbolise being a part of this shifting paradigm. A symbol of showing love for our pleasure and life bearing portal. It is a symbol of liberation and taking ownership over our own pleasure and sexuality. A symbol of acknowledgement of the power & magic that our yoni holds.

Zoe Zoe Jewelry Viva la Vulva ringOne of a Kind Sculptural Vulva Ring in sterling silver with 24K gold details.
Titled: Viva la Vulva

~Symbol of Female Empowerment

In recent years, the vulva has become a symbol of feminism and female power. In the past, feminism has been about women being able to obtain equal rights.

In parts of the world where we have the privilage to have achieved legal equality, the focus of feminism has become about bringing pride and love to our sexuality & femininity, and the vulva has become the symbol of this women’s sex-positivity movement.

Zoe Zoe's sculptural yoni ring, a statement feminist art piece being worn on the middle finger

One of a Kind Yoni Ring Titled: In Blossom.
Juror's Choice finalist in Foldforming Hub's 2022 competition. 

~To educate & foster conversations

While some pieces from my Femme Gems collection like the Yoni Studs are subtle enough to likely go unnoticed, wearing a statement vulva piece is likely to strike up curiosity, which some might take as an opportunity to open up a conversation.

This is probnably why sex educatiors, midwives & doulas have collected these pieces from me over the years, and I am sure that they are a catalyst for sparking some very interesting conversations!

Zoe Zoe Jewelry Viva la Vulva Ring      Detail shot of a custom yoni ring, with rhodolite garnet-set pleasure center. 


As with all of my jewelry, I invite each person to find their own personal meanings, symbols and interpretations to each piece, and my vulva jewelry is no different! 

If the idea of honoring your femininity with Yoni Jewelry sparks a sense of empowerment, happiness or curiosity, I invite you to check out my Femme Gems collection, or get in touch for a custom piece which I will infuse with your personal intentions ✨✨

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Zoe Zoe Jewelry Sculptural Yoni Earrings -sterling silver vulva jewelry
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Zoe Zoe Jewelry Curvy yoni sterling silver vulva studs
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Zoe Zoe Jewelry -sterling silver vulva jewelry- yoni portals
Yoni Portals

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