The Magical Mystery Collection

Amulets that invite the power of unlimited imagination into your day to day.

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  • Amulets with a Modern Twist

    To inspire creativity,
    Express individualtiy,
    Uplift and Protect,
    Set Intentions,
    Commemorate and celebrate.

  • Life-long companions

    I have spent years honing my skills in the ancient tradition of Goldsmithing to ensure the jewelry I put into the world is of life lasting qualtiy.

  • Crafted with Purpose

    Each jewel is crafted individually and infused with intention. My creative process is filled with meaning, consideration, and lot's of time.

Bespoke Jewelry

Sometimes you need something made for you and for you only

Perfect for wedding and engagement rings, celebrating your loved one or to bring a personal symbol into your daily adornment.

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