About me...

For as long as I can remember, I have felt empowered by jewelry and naked without it.

I grew up in a multicultural home in Costa Rica, and at age fifteen, I melted down silver for the first time. The beauty of melting down raw materials and forging them into such personal, meaningful objects seemed like pure alchemy to me from day one. I knew immediately I was forever hooked.

My love for adventure is what impulsed me to start traveling the globe at age nineteen. I lived out of my backpack for six years traveling to over twenty countries to exhibit my work, hunt down unusual gemstones, connect with 
local artisans and soak up inspiration from exotic destinations. 

But there was a hunger inside of me to take the craftsmanship, design and quality of my work to the next level. This is how I ended up moving to Italy in 2018. I moved to Firenze, a city with one of the most renowned goldsmithing traditions in the world I set up a small studio at a local co-wroking space while going back to school to pursue a diploma in goldsmithing, where I had the opportunity to learn from masters of the trade. 

 I have since moved to the countryside in Tuscany, where I have my current studio amongst the vineyards and olive groves. 

Jewelry has always given me a sense of personal identity and expression, while connecting me to memories of special places and people. These powerful sensations are what turned jewelry and craftsmanship into my lifelong passion. It is an honour to put jewelry into the world of heirloom quality, to be treasured and to touch you with the gifts that jewelry has gifted me.