As a child, I would always find a way of turning the world around me into jewelry. Clay would be shaped into beads, flowers tied into crowns….and when I discovered that electric cables were filled with copper wires, I began dismounting any of them I could get my hands on, and would wrap it up into what were my first creations in metal.

Even at that age (single digits), I sensed that wearing jewelry gave me a sense of personal identity and expression, while often connecting me to memories of special places and people. These powerful sensations are what turned jewelry and craftsmanship my lifelong passion.

At age fifteen, my family moved from the tiny beach town in Costa Rica where I spent my childhood to San Jose, the big city, and the most exciting thing about this move was that I would have the opportunity to take a class in jewelry fabrication, where I melted down my first silver ingot and knew I was forever hooked.

My craft, accompanied with my love for adventure and travel, is what impulsed me to start traveling the globe at age nineteen. Off I went, traveling to over twenty countries to hunt down the most unusual gemstones, find inspiration from exotic destinations, connect with other jewelers and makers and to exhibit my work.

At that time I was creating textile jewelry (easier to travel with), but I had the opportunity to expand my metal-working skills traveling in Mexico and India, learning side by side with other jewelers, but finally set up my own jewelers bench for the first time back in Costa Rica in 2017. Yet my hunger for a deeper knowledge in metals, jewelry and goldsmithing (and yes, to see the world) lead me to move to Florence, Italy in 2018—a city with one of the strongest goldsmithing traditions in the world—where I set up my personal workshop while pursuing a diploma in goldsmithing at “Le Arte Orafe”.

I have since moved to the countryside in Tuscany, amongst the vineyards and olive groves, where I have my current workshop and create the life-lasting keepsakes you find on this page.