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Florentine Fusion Ring

Florentine Fusion Ring

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Hand-push engraving is central to the history of Florentine goldsmithing, and acanthus scrolls are the most ubiquitous and revisited motif.

The Florentine Fusion ring incorporates the beauty and tradition of these techniques and symbols into a contemporary modern form, combining the organic and symmetrical scrolls with a geometric and asymmetrical structure.

The Mexican Opal featured white in base color, but has beautiful colorful sparkles as the light is being caught. Make sure you watch the video of the ring below because I didn't have any luck catching the colors in my photographs, as opals are notoriously difficult to photograph.

Size 7.5.
If you are not confident what your ring size is make sure you check out my Ring Sizing Guide.

-Handmade in Sterling Silver
-Details created with hand-push engraving
-Mexican Opal

Why U-rings?
I love U rings because they allow for a larger statement ring without them spinning round and around your finger like round rings with a large stone or top tend to have.

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Payment Plans
Get in touch so we can work out a personalized payment plan that works for you. With a small deposit I can set aside any piece for you so you know it is yours while you make payments towards your piece.

How it's made

Each piece is handcrafted with my two hands using ancient goldsmithing techniques.

There is no use of moulds or casting in my workshop. Each piece is crafted individually.

My designing and making process is filled with great attention to quality and detail.

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