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Möbius Ring

Möbius Ring

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A Möbius strip is a mystifying geometric shape that challenges our conventional ideas of geometry and pushes the boundaries of what we think is possible. Imagine twisting a strip of paper once and then joining ends. What emerges is not just any ring of paper, but rather, a Mobius Strip. A shape where the inside and outside become one.

When I first learned about Mobius Strips earlier this year, I became highly intrigued with their unusual nature, and shortly thereafter, the Mobius Ring was born.

Unlike "regular" rings, a Mobius ring does not have an inside or outside. Instead, it has a single side that encompasses both. Two sides that typically remain separate become one, and a symbol of unity, non-duality & infinity emerges. 

Despite it's unusual shape, the Mobius Ring is still very comfortable to wear and this design is perfect for everyday wear. 


-Handcrafted in Sterling Silver
-Matt finish along the side, with high-polish edge to make it really pop in contrast along the top of the ring

Delivery Timeline

This is a Made to Order design, so please allow up to 3 weeks for your piece to be created and shipped. If you are on a tight deadline, let me know before ordering and I will see if I can rush your order...I usually have a fair selection of my made-to-order designs in stock and might just have what you are looking for available to ship much sooner.

Because each piece is created individually by hand, no two pieces are ever completely identical. This means that some small variations between the photos and the finished product are to be expected making each piece unique in it's own way.

Customs & Personalisation

Get in touch to commission a Mobius ring in gold, or to discuss personalizing the design.

Payment Plans

Two interest-free options available:
-Option 1: Afterpay or Paypal's Buy now Pay Later may be available to you depending on your location. You will commit your card to regular instalments, and will receive your jewel in normal processing times instead of waiting to pay in full
-Option 2: Get in touch, and we can work out a payment plan based on your needs. I can put aside a piece for you as you pay at your own pace. Your jewel will be shipped once the jewel has been payed for in full.

How it's made

Each piece is handcrafted with my two hands using ancient goldsmithing techniques.

There is no use of moulds or casting in my workshop. Each piece is individually hand-fabricated...check out this article I wrote to learn more.

My designing and making process is filled with great attention to quality and detail.

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