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Amethyst Flow Ring

Amethyst Flow Ring

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The Amethyst Flow Ring is a totem of fluidity and transformation; a gentle reminder to embrace change, break free from stagnant routines, and invite motion into your life. 

The meticulously placed 18K gold granules add a touch of elegance and contrast to the centerpiece, a mesmerizing deep purple amethyst, all placed around the organic and flowy sterling silver band. 

It is intended to empower and remind you to embrace a life filled with vibrant motion and personal growth. The Amethyst Flow ring will become a companion on your journey of transformation.

Size 6. If you are not confident what your ring size is make sure you check out my Ring Sizing Guide. 

-Sterling Silver body with 18K gold granules
-Deep Brazilian amethyst 

One in the World
This piece is an unrepeatable & one of a kind piece.

This ring will ship 3-5 business days after your order. The higher your total order value the better deal I can offer you on shipping, so check out this page for a full list of shipping offers. 

Payment Plans
Get in touch so we can work out a personalized payment plan that works for you. With a small deposit I can set aside any piece for you so you know it is yours while you make payments towards your piece. 

How it's made

Each piece is handcrafted with my two hands using ancient goldsmithing techniques.

There is no use of moulds or casting in my workshop. Each piece is crafted individually.

My designing and making process is filled with great attention to quality and detail.

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