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Spiraling Expansion Ring

Spiraling Expansion Ring

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The Spiraling Expansion Ring is an eye catching statement ring that will become a sure favorite to any ring lover.

It is designed to sit steadily and comfortably on top of your finger and does not roll around like many large rings have the tendency to do. This ring is definitely on the larger side, but is still comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis if big rings are your thing. 

Spirals represent the journey and change of life as it unfolds. They are a powerful symbol that have been used in ancient cultures around the world since prehistory in order to represent expansive, cosmic wisdom and the universal pattern of growth and evolution, eternity and continuity.

Wearing jewelry that represent spirals brings the presence of this prehistoric symbol into daily life, inviting oneself to explore the infinity of the mind, the vastness of creation, and how it all connects.

-Handcrafted in Sterling silver 
-High shine finish with contrasting patina to bring out depth in the piece
-Diameter is approximately 26mm although varies slightly depending on size
-Ring shank is tapered, meaning it has a diagonal transition from wide to narrow
Made To Order
I will begin working on your piece after I receive your order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to ship. If you are on a tight deadline, get in touch and I will do my best to accommodate you. 
Because each piece is created individually by hand, no two pieces are ever completely identical. This means that some small variations between the photos and the finished product are to be expected, making each piece unique in it's own way. 
Can be made in gold or with gold details, or stones can be added. Get in touch for pricing 

If you are not confident what your ring size is make sure you check out my Ring Sizing Guide

How it's made

Each piece is handcrafted with my two hands using ancient goldsmithing techniques.

There is no use of moulds or casting in my workshop. Each piece is crafted individually.

My designing and making process is filled with great attention to quality and detail.

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